“Train des Mouettes” : take a step back in time with your family


The Train des Mouettes offers you a chance to travel back in time with your family or friends!

You will be following the Seudre estuary, on a railway line which was opened in 1876 to transport oysters. Your train will be pulled by one of our steam engines which date from 1912, and 1891,the oldest serving steam engine in France!

Allow around one and a half hours for the trip from Saujon to La Tremblade.

Your ticket is valid for the whole day, meaning that you can stop off at any of our stations: Mornac sur Seudre, listed as one of France’s 100 most beautiful villages, Saujon, a spa town, Chaillevette, renowned for its oyster production or  La Tremblade, a natural holiday destination!


Suggested itineraries

Picnic and walk at Chaillevette

Set off from Saujon after lunch and get off the train at Chaillevette. Follow the marked paths and cycleways to Chatressac harbour where you can stop to enjoy a picnic or taste some oysters.

Before your departure pic up your game box to take up the Captain’s Challenge (available from our station, price:€10 – from age 7 – duration 1h30/2h). You will set off in search of 7 riddles throughout the village.

Saujon Chaillevette
Departure : 11h45 Arrival : 12h30
Arrival : 18h10 Departure : 15h45

*Timetables valid during July and August, Monday - Friday

Scavenger hunt in Mornac sur Seudre

Take the train from either Saujon or La Tremblade to Mornac Sur Seudre, one of the “Villages de Pierres et d’eau” (Villages of stone and water).

After lunch in a restaurant or a picnic amongst the salt marshes head to Mornac with your game box “Les énigmes Extraordinaires “ (available from our stations in Saujon and La Tremblade, priced 15€). The game will lead you and your family on a hunt to find the secrets hidden in Mornac.

La Tremblade Mornac
Departure : 11h25 Arrival : 12h20
Arrival : 16h10 Departure : 15h20
Saujon Mornac
Departure : 14h45 Arrival : 15h15
Arrival : 18h10 Departure : 17h40

*Timetables valid Thursday - Sunday in May, June and September, Monday - Friday and Sunday during July and August.

Full steam ahead

Set off from Mornac station for Saujon at 15.20. A full commentary from the train manager will allow you to learn all about the local area and the history of the railway.

Upon arrival at Saujon you will have the chance to see our turntables at work and enjoy an ice-cream under the shade of the oak trees before returning to Mornac sur Seudre.

Mornac Saujon
Departure : 15h20 Arrival : 15h50
Arrival : 17h40 Departure : 17h05

*Timetables valid during July and August, Monday - Friday

Bannière Nos Voyages

Important information

Disabled access: One carriage on the train has been specially adapted for disabled passengers: 6 available spaces for wheelchairs and 10 seats for carers. The carriage is equipped with an electronic lift. This carriage is for the use of disabled passengers only.

Bikes: Bikes are carried on the train free of charge in the dedicated carriage. Bikes must be loaded under the supervision of the train manager. Cycle routes

Pushchairs: Folding pushchairs can be carried on the train. In busy periods you may be asked to fold the pushchair and store in it in the carriage for bikes.

Pets: Dogs are allowed on board They must travel on your lap or at your feet. Please keep your dog on a leash and respect the surroundings and your fellow passengers.

Parking: Customer parking is available at all our stations