The route

Parcours Train des Mouettes

Train des Mouettes -the Seagull Train in English – runs along a railway line which was opened on 24 June 1876. It was built by the Compagnie de la Seudre, who took their name from the river “La Seudre” which flows between Saujon and La Tremblade. The train runs for 21 kms and passes through 69 level crossings. Travelling at an average speed of 30km/h , you will have plenty of time to enjoy the atmosphere and take in the scenery. A one-way trip from Saujon to La Tremblade lasts one hour 25 minutes

Between Saujon and La Tremblade, you will pass through 6 stations : Fontbedeau, where the train does not stop,  Mornac Sur Seudre (5 minute stop) where passengers can get on or off , Chaillevette  (5 minute stop), Arvert, and Étaules  (the train does not stop at these 2 stations). The final stop is La Tremblade.

Points of interest along the line:

  • The agricultural plain of Saujon with its numerous species of bird – storks, egrets, heron, buzzards etc.
  • The salt marsh at Mornac-sur-Seudre
  • The Coulonges vineyards: the grapes from here are used in the production of Vins de Pays Charentais and Pineau.
  • The heart of the Marennes-Oléron basin : take time to admire the panoramic views of “La Seudre”

Your ticket is valid for the whole day and for a return journey, allowing you to enjoy one of our suggestions for days out: walkingcyclingas a familyin a group. Or why not travel aboard one of our special trains !

Important information

Disabled access: One carriage on the train has been specially adapted for disabled passengers: 6 available spaces for wheelchairs and 10 seats for carers. The carriage is equipped with an electronic lift. This carriage is for the use of disabled passengers only.

Bikes: Bikes are carried on the train free of charge in the dedicated carriage. Bikes must be loaded under the supervision of the train manager. Cycle routes

Pushchairs: Folding pushchairs can be carried on the train. In busy periods you may be asked to fold the pushchair and store in it in the carriage for bikes.

Pets: Dogs are allowed on board They must travel on your lap or at your feet. Please keep your dog on a leash and respect the surroundings and your fellow passengers.

Parking: Customer parking is available at all our stations