Train des Loupiotes

Loupiotes Train

Discover Mornac-sur-Seudre by night.

A night-time stroll through on of the most beautiful villages in France

Every Thursday evening in July and August from 11 July to 29 August, you can take the “Train des Loupiotes” (the Lantern Train) to Mornac-sur-Seudre where you can wander along the cobbled streets, eat out in a restaurant,
enjoy a picnic by the harbour or visit
an evening market in the village streets.

We recommend that you bring a torch for the return journey.


Departures from Saujon

Departures from La Tremblade

Important information

Dates: Every Thursday evening from 11 July to 29 August 2024

Fares: 7€ 

Saujon – Mornac sur Seudre depart : 18.45
Mornac sur Seudre – Saujon depart : 23.00
Arrival at Saujon 23.30

La Tremblade – Mornac depart : 18.50
Mornac sur Seudre – La Tremblade depart : 22.45
Arrival at La Tremblade 23.30

Type of engine: Diesel locomotive

Disabled access: One carriage on the train has been specially adapted for disabled passengers: 6 available spaces for wheelchairs and 10 seats for carers. The carriage is equipped with an electronic lift. This carriage is for the use of disabled passengers only.

Bikes: Bikes can be carried on the train free of charge in the dedicated carriage. Bikes must be loaded under the supervision of the train manager. 

Cycle routes

Pushchairs: Folding pushchairs can be carried on the train. In busy periods you may be asked to fold the pushchair and store in it in the carriage for bikes.

Pets: Dogs are allowed on board. They must travel on your lap or at your feet. Please keep your dog on a leash and respect the surroundings and your fellow passengers.

Parking: Customer parking is available at all our stations