Train eclade de moules

Traditional Charentais Mussels

Taste the authentic Charentais “éclade de moules” 

Jump aboard the train at our Saujon station to journey towards Chaillevette where you will enjoy a traditional Charente-Maritime-themed evening.
During the evening, you will have the chance to sample our famous “éclade de moules” (mussels cooked under pine needles). Whether you come as a family or with friends, we guarantee a warm welcome and plenty of happy memories for all.




Important information

Dates 2024: Tuesday 16th july and Tuesday 06 august

Fares – Booking essential:
The price includes the train journey and the meal. Drinks are to be paid for at the venue (Please note: the venue does not accept cards)
Adults: 30€ – Children 4-10 : 15€
Free for children under 4

Adults: Apéritif /Melon au pineau / Eclade de moules / Fromage Blanc au Cognac / Galette charentaise (drinks must be paid for at the venue – cards not accepted)
Children: Melon / sausage and chips / Ice-cream 

Depart Saujon at 19.00
Return to Saujon at approx. 23.45

Type of engine:
Diesel locomotive

Disabled access: One carriage on the train has been specially adapted for disabled passengers: 6 available spaces for wheelchairs and 10 seats for carers. The carriage is equipped with an electronic lift. This carriage is for the use of disabled passengers only.

Bikes: Bikes are carried free of charge in the dedicated carriage. Bikes must be loaded under the supervision of the train manager. Cycle routes

Pushchairs: Folding pushchairs can be carried on the train. In busy periods you may be asked to fold the pushchair and store in it in the carriage for bikes.

Pets: Dogs are allowed on board. They must travel on your lap or at your feet. Please keep your dog on a leash and respect the surroundings and your fellow passengers.

Parking: Customer parking is available at all our stations