Passenger carriages


The railway possesses 4 double-axled cars with open platforms at each end. These were built by De Dietrich for the De Wendel mines network and HBL in Petite-Rosselle. Coach C3 has yellow livery, C12 red livery and C32 and C72 both have green livery.

Using the original plans from Petite-Rosselle, the carriages have been restored with the help of the local rehabilitation workshop IEPR (Royan District Job Creation Scheme) and “La Fondation du Patrimoine”[The French Heritage Foundation].

Open carriages

The railway also has 8 open carriages. They are recognisable by their red paint. They are open-sided, and each is able to carry 35 passengers. Two of the carriages are designated as “fully accessible” and are equipped with an electronic lift on either side which is suitable for the different stations along the line. These carriages can each accommodate 10 people on benches as well as 6 wheelchairs.